Name: Gavi
Age: 18

Gender: Female

Language(s): English, Spanish (it is terrible, but i’d love to improve)

Location: San Francisco, CA USA

Interests & hobbies: Likes:Nature, reading, photography, spiritual, traveler, love doodling on random things, outdoor activities, planning on majoring in anthropology with a minor in religious studies-art orr something, sense 8 (tv show), love learning about different cultures, wrestling, crafts, love the beach, quotes..

I feel that you can tell a lot about a person by their music taste. I listen to music constantly and all types. I usually go through phases where I am feeling a few genres for a couple months. I am currently on a tropical house, bossa nova, mac demarco, I am still in love with you-sean paul…kind of hype. It’s a lovely combination. I love going to concerts. All types-raves, mosh pits, even the ones where people are just awkwardly dancing or bopping their heads. I also love dancing. I haven’t taken any structured dance classes, but I love getting lost in the music especially in a crowded room around strangers (one of my favorite things). 

Dislikes: Rudeness, people who aren’t openminded, loud noises, liars, negativity

What I wish for in a pen pal: I want someone who will be longterm and who will put time and effort into their letters or packages. I’ve had some lovely pen pals that I still talk to and others that I wonder what they are up to. I’d love someone who would be interested in sending random things to exchange like leaves, doodles, stickers, newspaper clippings, candy, kandi bracelets 🙂 tea, books, etc…especially photos or artwork-I have polaroids and prints I’d love to exchange. Just a heads up I have been moving around a lot, so i hope you are flexible with address changes. 

I love talking to people about: traveling, outdoors, hardships, what a day looks like in their lives, a random encounter with a stranger, books, life lessons, love stories, someone who is interested in deep conversations…

How to contact me: Email me at gavrielle @ gmail. com or message me here organicplur. 

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