Mills Cyclone Looking for Penpal… Pal


This is my sister Grace and I. I’m the one in the dress, I was trying it on to show her and my mom decided to snap a picture of us.

I’m Joyce, 18, female, California, USA. I will be attending a women’s college in August which I am really excited about. My parents are divorced and have been for 9 years now. I live with my mom and younger brother. I have a boyfriend that I love, we have been together for 5 years now. That is the third longest relationship of any sort that I have had with someone that wasn’t family. The other two people I’ve known for 10, and 7 years. But enough about them, you want to know about me!!!

I love tea! Marshmallow tea is my favorite but I can’t find it anywhere around me. I like to read and write though I don’t often get to do so for fun, hence the desire for penpals. I’ve recently gotten into watercolor, ceramics and taking pictures of nature. So expect many pictures of my college, possibly some watercolor covered things as well as pictures of my ceramics projects. I tend to ramble at times (if you couldn’t tell)  and I ask random questions. I am also very forgetful and may forget if I already told you about something.

Fun Joyce Fact: I’m Captain America, also Nurse 1, Boy 2, MacBeth, Modern Juliet…. and so on. (I was in two school plays this year as well as having taken a drama class freshman year)

My puuurrrrfect pen pal:

  • Any gender identity EXCEPT/EXCLUDING MALE
  • As I can only speak/write English and very rudimentary Spanish I would prefer you could write English. I am willing to learn a new language though!
  • Location Wise I would enjoy having a friend from Greece, Scotland, Micronesia, Sweden, Cyprus, France, Norway
  • Really anywhere outside the US of A. I just took those off a list I made of places I’m interested in learning more about. That list is really long though as I’m always interested to learn more about the world. Scotland is really the only place I’m really really hoping to have someone to write to, that way I will have a friend there in three years when I plan to study abroad there.
  • Willing to snail mail
  • 16-20 years old

You don’t have to be artistic or write long letters but I do prefer medium to long length letters rather than short ones. That has everything to do with how easy they are to respond to rather than my snobbishness and stuff.

I can always have E-Pals so feel free to hmu  (rainlion1998 @ hotmail . com) even if you can’t do snail mail.

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