My name is Lany (Lay-knee)! I’m 24, 25 in August. I’m really looking for a snail mail pen pal that I’ll mesh well with and be able to send letters back and forth fairly regularly. I’d prefer you be between 22-28. In case you can’t tell from my photos, I’m into Japanese Street fashion (primarily lolita, but I frequently branch into other substyles!), cosplay, and anything 80s. I majored in English and love to read and write. I’m terribly fond of anything antique, old fashioned, or quiet. Cat person. 

Books: Peter Pan is my favorite, I really like mythology and fairy tales- I’m exceptionally fond of Hans Christian Andersen, I read a lot of LGBT+ fiction, historical fiction, poetry, ect

Movies: Leo DiCaprio is my favorite actor, so anything of his, 80s films, Farewell My Concubine, Brideshead Revisited, Ghibli Films, pretty much the same taste as my literature. I work at a theater, so I see most films. I watch a lot of “foreign” films, I guess 

TV: Merlin, Supernatural, BBC Sherlock, Anime (I like Inuyasha, Sailor Moon, Big O, Free!, Big Wind Up, ect.), Hannibal, In the Flesh, Please Like Me

Dislikes: Babies and Bigots

Like I said, I’d like to write someone with similar interests, and of a similar age. I’m a bit artsy, so I might be inclined to send doodles, gifts, or do mildly creative things with my letters, but it depends on my mood. Someone who would be willing to similarly would be nice. I’m extremely reliable, so I always write back, and if for some reason I feel like I can’t go on writing, I’ll let you know. I’m also extremely interested in travel and other cultures and languages, so I’m not really picky about where you’re from, though I have a penfriend in Australia already, so I’d prefer you be from somewhere other than there! Other than that, I’m not particular about gender or sexuality, and I have a pretty wide variety of interests, so if you think we might get along, drop me a line!

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