looking for long term friendships!


Hi! my  name is Nayab, i’m 15 years old and i’m from Scotland.  I love the neighbourhood, twenty one pilots, the 1975, panic! at the disco, halsey, G easy, parchute, fall out boy and taylor swift and way more. I’m actually looking for a best friend who I can text, snpachat and email and meet one day but preferably email first.

I’m also very introverted and a bit strange. I can communicate with aliens. Just kidding, they wouldn’t answer, anyway. We can discuss anything: deep, random, or silly topics (how awesome I am (jks), pizza, movies, daily events, the apocalypse and so much more) . I’m not that into socializing, but I want to make a new pal, and the idea of having one abroad is cool to me. I’m looking for a long-term friend to exchange ideas and opinions with.

i’m pretty clumsy, and seem to walk into poles a lot and fall down the last couple of steps on the stairs at school . I love jokes, I tell the most terrible jokes which I find hilarious. I’m a big Disney fan, I have a whole collection of Disney movies. I’m a 7 year old at heart

likes: food, music, coffee, photography, art, hanging out with friends, teen wolf, youtube, Sherlock and doctor who, a lot more things but I cant seem to remember,

dislikes: racist, homophobic, mean people, close minded people, my neighbours evil pet cat (don’t be fooled by her cuteness)

random fact about me: I have a twin brother

only ages under 18 please! boy or girl, don’t care about your race and sexuality, i’m really friendly!! and I always respond!

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