Name: Deyon S. White
Age: 17 (18 on May 26)
Location: Louisiana, USA
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Email: deyonwhite633@gmail.com

Hello, I’m Deyon. I’m a very weird individual. Lol I’m also very sweet. I’m looking for someone to chat with and explore the world with.

Interest: I love to sing, read, write, & explore. I would like someone to share some of these with. I love horror films & romantic novels. Comedy? Yes!! Madea is my baby! Haha… Foreign friends would be nice. I plan to travel the world and learn the many aspects of different cultures.

Music: Melanie Martinez, Lana Del Rey, Jazmine Sullivan, Sufjan Stevens, Aurora, Panic At The Disco, Florence and the Machine, Eryn Allen Kane, Adele, Beyonce, Doja Cat, etc…

TV Shows: American Horror Story, Scream Queens, HTGAWM, If Loving You Is Wrong, THTHN, etc.

Books: Struck By Lightning, HARRY POTTER, 13 Reasons Why (Currently reading), Binge, Wuthering Heights, Dead City, etc.

●I don’t actually care about your sexuality or anything. I just would like a person with an amazing heart. I would love to have someone who shares my sexuality though. A GAY GUY FRIEND WOULD BE GREAT! Lol but overall anyone is welcome to chat with me.

Preferred Method of Contact: Email, etc…

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