Name: Stevie
Age: 17; birthday is September 5th
Gender: female and agender, pronouns are she/her
Language(s): English
Location: Canada
Interests & hobbies: I love learning about history. I’m going to university for it next year. I’m a practitioner of witchcraft. I love reading and writing. My favorite author is Sarah J Maas, and I’m working on a fantasy novel of my own. Currently reading Shadow & Bone. Rainy days are the best days, and I love autumn. Tea is my life. I love cooking and taking care of people when they’re sick. Please note I am mentally ill. I’m also LGBTQ+. 
Likes: Pie, cherries, music, birds, Crywank (the worst named band in the world), camping, nature, plants, cherry cola, milkshakes
Dislikes: Ignorance, discrimination, cauliflower, ham loaf, sand
What I wish for in a pen pal: Someone’s who’s kind and easy to talk to and won’t judge me. Someone with a wanderlust and a yearn for knowledge like my own.
How to contact me: Either on my tumblr, xcherryluv, or at I’ll be accepting messages for a month (until June 30th).

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