Name: Amalfy
Age: 21
Location: Florida, USA

A lil about me: I’m good at playing mario kart wii, complaining, eating all your food, getting lost while driving, and people watching. I love getting dressed up and all things cute. 

Looking for:

  • someone who writes first.  
  • located in the U.S. 
  • someone who writes super long letters. Please!! I’m seriously not interested in short letters about your favorite color!! Over it!  Write me about your first love, what pisses you off, your plans for the week, etc.
  • *someone creative and detail orientated. And if you tuck in lots of weird stuff in envelopes. 
  • someone who doesn’t mind vulgarity and explicit writing

Message me if you need to know more or just want to dive straight in.

You can find me on here: http://frillystrawberries.tumblr.com/

But I’m pretty inactive so you’ll have a better chance at my email: amalfylikesfood@gmail.com

Hope to hear from ya! 

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