Hey, I’m Maisy, 16 from the UK

I’ve had a couple of pen pals before and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people (as well as collecting an abundance of cute letter-writing equipment lmao).

My biggest interests are medieval/Viking things, plants, animals, music, art etc
I’m a pretty anxious, shy person most of the time in real life I’d say, but I’ve always found I’m much more confident through writing. Even though I listen to mainly metal/rock, I absolutely adore Japanese ‘kawaii’ stuff, so if I send you a letter you can probably expect it too be REALLY cute. Although, I can send you plain letters if you would prefer.

I’m looking for a penpal who’s willing to put up with my weirdness, preferably around my age. Any gender/ sexual orientation/ race is okay!

My email is maisyquick@gmail.com
My kik is kirkebrenning, if you’d rather reach me through that.
Or just message me through tumblr.

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