Hi! Im Mere (Meredith), I’m 22 and I’m from Canada ^.^

I’m a pastry chef but I’m currently unable to work due to mental illnesses.

I’m looking for a penpal, tumblr messaging or kik to start before snail mail though please.

Likes: cats, Florence and the Machine, makeup/beauty/crazy hair dye, painting, baking, climbing, repelling and crime shows (Law and Order SVU, COPS for example)

Dislikes: drama, the feeling of grass and seaweed, and people who aren’t open to hearing other opinions that might differ from their own

Fun fact: I have 12 piercings and 5 tattoos!

I’m looking for a penpal, gender doesn’t matter and location doesn’t matter (though at least outside the east coast of Canada is preferred). I’d prefer to chat through IM on my tumblr, kik or email for a bit to start and see if we click. I don’t really have money though when I do I’d enjoy exchanging some sort of care package.
the-insane-two @
Feel free to ask for my kik!

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