-Hi Im Gabi, I’m a 21 yr old from Texas.
-I love: animals, writing, movies, traveling ,tv shows ,music, comics ,concerts ,games, some anime’s, wigs, arts &crafts and more …
-I doodle a lot and i love to write, not that my handwriting is great but i like the old fashion write things on paper style.
-What i’m mostly looking for is snail mail friend, someone i can write letters to and send things here and there. Though I do accept emails, I don’t prefer them cause sometimes i forget to check everyday. I do check weekly so if that’s something you’d like i wouldn’t mind that at all. Also, if you’d like to be friends over other social media sites that would be cool.
-I just want to meet new people and make friends all around the world and learn everyone’s perspective, life and culture! (and possibly even visit you☺️ )
-Any questions or if interested message me, my tumblr is and email is garcia_gabii @ (If emailing please add subject)

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