Scientific Name: Gemmarlisis Underwoodsis
Species: Human (i think)
Planet: Earth
Current Habitat: small English town
Status: Half-asleep
Height: 5ft something (i am not getting the tape measure out……ok 5ft8)
Weight: look the scales are upstairs i am not going to check
Characteristics: fur tends to change colour without warning, eyes-blue, no tail, 10 fingers, 10 toes, walks on two legs unless ascending stairs.
Behaviour: somewhat childish at times, easily excited and distracted by pointless random things
Diet: chocolate, tea, gummy worms, biscuits (basically a lot of unhealthy things those books tell you not to eat)
Lifestyle: reading, writing, painting, crochet, baking, photography (seriously this list could go on forever)
Communication: Bad English, little Spanish and some Klingon
Irritations: people who hide the remote, chalk boards, people who walk through a door i have opened without saying thank you, Pokémon red when you step in a cave and are bombarded by Zubats, when you have that sudden panic you cant find you purse and its exactly where you are looking
Threatened By: clowns, people in animal costumes, spiders, ants, stingrays
Class: Bloody rare, possibly extinct
Best places to view species: Bookstores, craft shops, cinema or in the Allotments
Advice: do not approach, if you do come into contact with Gemmarlisis Underwoodsis best to back away slowly avoiding eye contact.
Best option is to contact this species by the form of letters and small offerings to win its trust and friendship at

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