Hi, my name is Jess but I got by Kit. I’m 21 years old and I live in Texas (USA). 

I’m interested in music such as pop punk, punk rock and indie rock. Although I am opened to all genre’s those are my favorites! I like going to shows, reading, sketching, recording films (videos), photography, etc.

A “perfect” pen-pal for me would be someone who’s interested in either messaging through social media daily (if that is what you’re comfortable with) or snail mail. I do not have a preference. Someone who likes the same music as I (mainly because that is what my blog consists of). Where you live from does not matter. Who you are as a person (sexuality, race, etc) isn’t an issue. I am an open minded individual and I do not judge based on any of those things 🙂 So basically if you like art, pop punk, social equality and animals you’d be great

My tumblr link is: http://kittentorres.co.vu/ or you can send me a kik message! My username for Kik is: goghdamnit 

Basically, you just have be chill and we’ll get along fine. Message me if you’re interested 🙂 x 

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