My name is Wilson, I am 23 years old and I currently live in Germany. I don’t usually know how to introduce myself so I’ve attached a collection of photos to help explain some of my main interests.

 I absolutely love traveling; while I mostly solo, I do enjoy company when possible. I am open to meeting new people and this is something I take with me wherever I go. I am passionate about photography and I find comfort in taking photos during my travels. I shoot Canon and I absolutely love night photography and long exposures. This is a topic I enjoy discussing.
Though I don’t read as much as I used to, it is something I still find joy in doing. I am currently doing a reading list with a friend- 52 books by next March. I’ll gladly take book recommendations.
I used to be a fine arts major, while that is no longer true, I still enjoy it very much. I prefer to stick with painting (acrylics) as I find it the most enjoyable. 
I’ve been writing ever since the idea of penpals was first introduced to me. I’ve kept all the letters people have sent me over the years; they certainly add character to my otherwise boring and empty wall. I also love sending postcards in addition to the letters as well. 

other random things..
I am very passionate about tea/coffee. I will gladly discuss the topic.
I’ve learned to love wine, mostly due to my parents.
I play too much video games. 
I stay up late every night. I regret it every morning.

I am mostly looking for someone to write long term. Age and gender does not matter much. Preferably, I would like to start off with emails so that we may get to know one another a little better. I don’t text/skype as I feel like it defeats the purpose of writing.

Feel free to message if interested and I can give you my email. 

Contact: (I don’t get on tumblr as much)
Tumblr: http://thearchit3ct.tumblr.com/
IG: @patriotp3a

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