Okay so hey friends!


I’m Di’mond (it’s pronounced like diamond and im not entirely sure why it’s my name!) I’m a 19 year old female from the UK!!

I’m looking for an email/tumblr buddy that could/ i would like it if it turned into a pen pal! 

  • I really enjoy art of all sorts and I create my own art as well as just enjoying it, I love movies of all types (I’m a massive marvel fan and anything of the like, scott pilgrim is my favourite film though along with stuff like donnie darko)
  • um I’m currently studying english literature and language at university so when I can I enjoy reading and writing for myself. I mainly write poetry but want to develop my skills with prose. 
  • I also am madly in love with music, I love acoustic, rock, alternative, pop, hip hop….honestly I’m open to all sorts of genres, as well as this I make my own music and currently have videos of covers on youtube (youtube.com/dimondqai – shameless self promo)
  • There are few things I really dislike, it’s mainly just ignorance in people that really bugs me. 
  • I hate pigeons, they disgust me. No clue why!!

Ummm, so there’s a few brief things about me…if you would like to get to know more about me or just want to have a chat feel free to message me on here (prepare for some awful humour from myself) at

or you can email me at
dimondqai @ hotmail.co.uk

Hope you all have a lovely day

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