Hi all,
I’m Lillian, 21 years old from Perth, Western Australia.

Penpalling as a concept has always been very appealing to me. I love the entirety of it, which is why it’s something I wouldn’t mind being involved in.

I’d love to exchange letters with someone abroad who can write engaging letters. On topics which are stimulating and interesting, rather than the usual boring, mindless talk.

I’ve been told that I inherit particular realist views. And I tend to ponder about the ontology of things. I’d rather someone disagree with me on a subject, because to me, it makes the conversation more interesting.

I’ve done a semester of French (and wouldn’t mind getting some further help on it), I’m proficient enough in Mandarin and fluent in English.

Give me a message here on my tumblr if you’d like to be penpals!

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