Long-term Internet Friend Wanted


About me
Hello Hi, I’m Venky 25 years old single guy from India. I work as an art and an Animation faculty in a Multimedia college here. I teach design and drawings like character design, concept art and 2D Animation. That’s my profession which I’m loyal and passionate. Now as a person I’m an admirer who admires everything around, Visualiser, humorous, emotional and sensitive, occasion writer, Naughty and playful and My only aim in life is to be a good human being without any grudge or hard feelings on anyone and welcome anyone in life with a smile. ☻

Likes and Dislikes
Art is everything to me, I like sketching, creating animations, listening to music, Youtube, Browsing prehistoric things in google, Watching emotional and heart touching videos, Fiddling with lot of new apps in my phone often, occasionally smartphone photography.
I don’t like the word “ Hate” , lol so whatever wrong things i see around i try to understand the reason behind why it has gone wrong. So for me i don’t hate anything or anyone so easily in the world. Everything in this world is brought with someone’s likeliness only is what i always assume.:-) ♥

Internet Friend
I am looking for female friends to write preferably and who is 18+ only. No one under 18. And snail mail is not so comfortable for me because i work all day, and i don’t know how is the service here for that in my place, So i am looking for people who can write in Email, and maybe we can use Tumblr chat, Instagram, Whatsapp whatever it is as we get to know each other. And i am a person who fiddles with new apps mostly and may want to try out any new apps to with you at times, Maybe if you feel me as interesting. 🙂
I am mostly active all day, but i’m more active online in weekends, but i’m looking for a friend who can write emails daily. And i love long writings with interesting things to say and read. I would like us to share pictures too and maybe we can sometimes talk over the phone or skype after we get to know each other more. So i’m expecting some one who could be there Long term as a best internet friend. I promise i will be a best support to you and share and receive all yours feelings and emotions and will never let you feel lonely . 🙂 ☻

If you feel i’m interesting, message me in my tumblr
From there we may start knowing each other and may give out emails and other things.

Awaiting for a sweet cute and best long-term Internet Friend. 🙂

Have a Happy Day. ☻

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