Hello there!

My name is Sachel aka Sonny. I’ve had a pen pal in quite awhile and I’ve decided to do so once more. Little about me: This upcoming fall I will be a senior in college with a hopeful future for graduate school. I’m a double major in English Lit and Women & Gender Studies. I’m the youngest of 7. My family is from Haiti and Dominican Republic; first generation American. I’m turning 21 in July, which makes me a Cancer! I’m also a Pisces moon. Some of my interests include writing, reading, making crafts, singing karaoke, going on midnight adventures, going to the beach or a lake. Well that’s all for now. Here links to my main two blogs

thousandredcranes.tumblr.com and crookedmusicnotes.tumblr.com

Additionally, my email is sacheldebrosse@gmail.com

I don’t really have a “perfect” pen-pal in mind. I just want another human to connect to 🙂

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