Hi! I’m Kai/Kaila. I’m a stay at home spouse from Texas USA. 

I’m looking for a snail mail pen pal.
🙂 any gender but around my age. If you have kids that’s a plus. Lol, but not needed. It just can be nice to talk to other people who have kids.

I like:

  • Art, crocheting, funny things, ummm I’m not very good at talking about myself lol 
  • But tv shows Once Upon a time, TWD, fear the walking dead, the vampire diaries, the flash, arrow, Legends of tomorrow ( though I’m not caught up on most of those!) there’s probably more but yeah 
  • Movies: anything DC or Marvel, or anything historically inaccurate with tons of gratuitous violence. Horror movies.
  • Music: well I like pretty much anything. I’m always open to new types as well.
  • I also love Disney! And cartoons.

Fun fact: I have two cats and going to adopt a puppy next weekend. 

Thanks for reading!!!

You can contact me on my email:

kaila_tomes @

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