Hey I’m Aoife (ee-fa) I am 17 (18 in October) I’m from Ireland.

I’m looking for a snail mail penpal, well extreme penpal I’m all up for sending gifts and doodles and stuff.

❤️Some stuff about me

  • I really love marvel, like I loveeeeee marvel
  • I love drawing and painting, reading
    • favourite films are the Lego movie, what’s your number, any studio ghibli, he’s just not into you and the winter soldier
    • my series watch lists include, supernatural, Shadowhunters, bones, ncis, ncis la, Star Trek (all of them) star gate, game of thrones, how I met your mother, friends, gossip girl, vampire diaries/originals…
  • music ; twenty one pilots, Jon bellion, panic!at the disco, of mice and men, pierce the veil, asking Alexandria…

Don’t really know what else to say, we shall save it for the letters, 

If your interested send me an email
( and we shall set all of it up, 

Thanks for reading me go on and on

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