Hello!! My name is Anna Rose. I’m 22 years old and a female. I’m located in Massachusetts, US!

I am looking for snail mail penpals! I am a pretty open person, but am very shy when talking so I like to write instead. I am a wandering young adult, not sure what direction I want to go in, sort of in limbo. 

I’d like to find a penpal who wouldn’t mind getting right into sending lengthy mail, as if we already know each other! If you want to write to me in the point of view of a certain character (anyone) or persona, that’s okay too! Need someone to vent to? I’d love to listen.

If not, then I’d also like penpals I can get to know, or even short post card pals! I bought some nifty post cards the other day! I collect post cards!

Please contact me through my tumblr!


  • I love writing and having long conversations with people.
  • I enjoy watching things on Netflix. I’m currently watching Miss Fisher Mysteries. I love Disney, Studio Ghibli and any murder mysteries.
  • I like doing crafts, especially paper crafts! I am not an artist, but I’ll send you crafts sometimes!
  • I like lots of different genres of music, from classical and indie, to Japanese heavy metal. 
  • I really love bumblebees but they scare me. 
  • I love playing computer games! Such as Stardew Valley (<3) and Skyrim. I also love my DS. I mainly play pokemon. I love pokemon. <3


  • Pigeons. I hate pigeons. I hate their faces and the way they walk. I hate pigeons.
  • Rude people. I can’t imagine anyone here is rude though! 🙂

What I’m looking for: Age 18-24 only. Either gender is okay. From anywhere in the world! I don’t mind starting the letters either!

Interesting fact: I found these really old temporary pokemon tattoos in my closet. (Like 10+ years old) I now have a clefairy on my upper arm. That’s pretty cool I think!

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