Looking for a pen pal!


The best way to submit an application is to follow this basic outline:

First name: Samantha

Age: 16

Location: America, Oregon 

Languages I speak: English, taking 2+ years of Japanese, and learning Russian right now. 

Email/Tumblr: Irina.akane@gmail.com or Samanthasiamese@aol.com 

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like: Supernatural, Big bang theory, Bleach(anime), Black Butler(anime), music I like would be.. The weeknd, Ellie Goulding & ariana grande. 

What I would like in a Tumblr Buddy (age, location, language, gender): a female friend. U.S , Ukraine/Russia or Japan please. English or Japanese. Age 12-17 please!!

Preferred method of contact: (Snail mail, email, Tumblr):



Samanthasis7 on LINE

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