Penpals wanted!


Hey! I’m Beth. I’m 21 years old and a  Animal Behaviour and welfare student in England, UK. 

I’m looking for literally anyone to speak too! Age/gender/sexuality doesn’t matter to me at all. As long as you don’t mind me sending you drawings or my awful humor aha.

Likes: I love science, history, sci-fi.. basically anything out of the ordinary and interesting. I could talk for hours about animals (particularly marine/freshwater animals) Dinosaurs! general history, aliens, conspiracy theories, space etc!

as well as that, I’m a huuge Tolkien fan! not to mention dr who, game of thrones, how I met your mother, big bang, studio ghibli, anime, jurrasic world, star wars, marvel fan!

I have quite a few tattoos (which includes a tattoo of my beloved pet goldfish..yes I’m sad) and piercings. I also design tattoo designs so it would be great to share some designs!!

Dislikes: I don’t get on well with judgmental people mainly because I’m not a judge type of person. I’m really laid back and enjoy talking about anything and everything! even if its a touchy subject.

I would like a art penpal or a email/smail mail penpal I don’t mind. 🙂

Random fact about myself.. I have 6 cats!!

Please email me on
Betheharrison @ gmail . com

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