Hi! I’m Jess, I’m 20, female and I’m from Australia. I speak English and some very basic Japanese, but I would love to be able to speak Russian. My interests include reading (my favourite author is Murakami but I also love classic literature), vintage video games, cooking, science (astronomy and biology in particular), learning new things, music (I have a hugely varied music taste!) making plans for the future and watching interesting TV
shows/documentaries/movies. I love to learn! I also really like people who can talk about all sorts of different things and teach me things, which is why I love having pen pals, because I get to find out about life in other countries! Things I don’t like include pickles, ugly socks, deliberately acting dumb, attention seeking and people who have a closed mind. I’m a pretty tolerant person though. I’d love a pen pal who will be long term and keep in touch, I’m happy to do either email or snail mail, depending on what works for you. I’d really love someone from Russia, but I’m open to any location. My only criteria is that you’re between ages 20-25. My tumblr is nothinglefttoanalyze and my Instagram is theotherjkrowlings. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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