So I guess I just describe me here?
Hi, I’m Donny, 27 years old from San Antonio, tx. I tried journaling recently and it just didn’t stick, I speculate because there’s no end game to it I didn’t fee ultra compelled to keep writing. But if expectations are there I’d like to think I’d be consistent.
Just looking for someone to converse with really, a friend. Male or female, same age or older, doesn’t really matter. I just really like the idea of correspondence.
I’m currently training and working in the state of Texas and some surrounding areas I. The southwest as a professional wrestler and it’s been my career goal since I was five. In my normal hours, I work at a comic book store. I like to draw and paint, sing, addicted to tea and ice cream sandwhiches, recently started buying music on vinyl, and enjoy theology and doctrinal talk/ideas. I like action figures, bikes, sewing (I make my and my friends wrestling costumes), and storytelling.
If any of this sounds interesting, feel free to message me on tumblr and I’ll send you my actual physical address. I’m not too keen on digital correspondence, I’d much prefer the real thing.

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