Name: Beth

Age: 17

Location: Manchester, England


  • Cooking
  • Art
  • Handmade stuff (bath products, candles, wax melts…)
  • Nature and science


  • Sprouts (who actually likes them?)
  • Cats
  • Being lost

Looking for: I’m looking for someone to swap handmade stuff, art, photos, collected items…Someone who can teach me about clean living – recipes, yoga/meditation/massage, healing crystals, alternative medicines, spirituality etc.  

I don’t mind which gender, but would prefer someone who is at least 15 YO, for snail mail they must be within the UK but for messaging buddies I don’t mind where.

*Contact via email or on scuffeddocs.tumblr.com
*E-mail address: bethspenpals @ gmail.com

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