fallout fan looking for friends!


First name: Mary

Age: 20

Location: NYC

Languages I speak: English & Russian

Email/Tumblr: nightmarm.tumblr.com

Books/Films/TV Shows/music I like:
– Love the Harry Potter series!
– Got into Game of Thrones recently.
– Totally binged all of AHS last year (except Hotel… I just couldn’t get past the first two episodes…)
– Binged Arrested Development last month oops
(I have a hard time getting into TV shows and so I kind of hop on trends that have long died… which is why it’s hard for me to find Tumblr friends, I guess!)
– I love Disney and Pixar films, also Studio Ghibli

– Loooove Borderlands 1 & 2. 
– XCOM!! Let’s jam about aliens.
– Fallout series. (Recently played NV, still on a huge NV kick.)
– Undertale 
– Pokemon (it is a given)
– others I’m probably forgetting

Other interests: I love cute stuff like Hamtaro! I really like to talk to people but it seems I’m just no good at finding people on Tumblr. I enjoy drawing. I write sometimes, but not very well! Outside, I like to hike and explore and swim.

What I would like in a Tumblr BuddyAny age (but closer to my age would be swell!!), location and gender is fine! English preferred 😀

Preferred method of contact: I want friends on here! =) Seems like a good way of trying to find people to follow. My tumblr is nightmarm.tumblr.com

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