Hey! My name is Bri, I’m 17 years old and live in the U.S. I’m currently looking for a pen pal (I had one a few years ago but sadly we had to stop.), Preferably aged 17-20 and any sexual orientation. I’m approaching my last year of high school very quickly, so I want to have some fun before going off to University. **p.s. I’m gender fluid so any crude or homophobic slurs will NOT be tolerated.**

The main reason I want a pen pal, or a few, is because I’m doing an art project (also bc I’m lonely. joking…but not really.) The thing is that I plain on having YOU take photos with a disposable camera (I shall provide) and then mark a simple region or town where the photo graph was located. (THIS IDEA ISNT CONCRETE YET. EVENTUALLY IT’LL DRY BUT I DONT KNOW WHEN)

Other hobbies of mine include listening to music, reading, and playing my guitar
or practicing piano. IM A HUGE WALKING DEAD FAN AND LOVE BBC SHERLOCK (Benedict is my flaming hot lizard looking man ok.) The bands/artists I mainly listen to are; MUSE, TØP, PARAMORE, THE MAINE, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, DAVID BOWIE, RADIO HEAD, and GERARD WAY. oh and I’m also a slut for plants (I have a vegetable garden and a shit ton of spiderplants.)

Also, this is meant as a way to connect with people from different places and share cultural ideas/facts. This is meant to be fun and enjoyable!!

I am totally against racial slurs and homophobic acts/language.

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