I am looking for penpals from all over the world, any gender, religion and politic opinion


Hello! Let me introduce myself. My name is Radka and I am 20 years old girl living in the Czech republic.

I am little strange human being. Extrovert and introvert at the same time. I love people, their differences and oddities. 

  • I am mother of cats, queen of the chaos coffee addicted lover of quietness, high views, nature and confirmed human rights activist (also in love with Game of Thrones :D) 
  • I study personnel management, I do like psychology, history, sociology…
  • ..also love taking photos, just lying aroung and doing nothing 😀 
  • watching movies (My favourites are Mr.Nobody, Perks of being a wallflower, Fight Club, I Origins, Flipped, Amelie from Montmartre..)
  • tv series (GOT, Orange Is the New Black, Sherlock,Dr. House,American Horror Story, Orphan Black, Cold Case and so on..)
  • painting and drawing or writting little bit. 
  • I like being with my friends, interesting weirdnesses, and my girlfriend…so if you dont mind and you are still interested

 get me know and answer me

tumblr: radunka.tumblr.com/

Have a nice day, stranger! Radka

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