I don’t have many recent pictures, so here’s and old one.
I’ve submitted on here several times before, but this time I’m looking for a more specific type of penpal, a few.
My name is Allison, but I go by Al.
I am 19 years old in Missouri in the USA.

I am looking for snail mail pen pals that are interested in creepy things, creepypasta, gore, scary movies, gothic, victorian, aliens, fairies, zombies, genres of rock music, etc.

I am a hardcore pen paller so I like to send more than just a letter. I include gifts and I expect the same back. I like to make flip books sometimes and I also like to do swaps and exchange packages once in a while.

I am looking for female pen pals, out of respect for my boyfriend. I don’t care where you’re from as long as you have interests in those listed above. Age doesn’t bother me so much though.

If you’re interested in bein g pen pals you can contact me on my main tumblr @teardropprincess or my pen pal tumblr @envelope-dreams Or you can get on instagram and message me there @ envelopedreams

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