About Viktor


Name: Viktor

: 24 as of April

Religious Views:

View on life:
Existential Nihilism

: Service Coach

: Complete Graduate School

: Rehab Counseling

Intended Occupation:
Licensed Professional Counselor

Currently living in the state of

Interests: Counseling theories and techniques, Biology, Genetics, Eugenics, Psychology, Human Diseases, Mental Illness, Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Mythology, Harm Reduction.

Likes: Food, Live Theatre and Music, People Watching, Writing, Art Museums, Photography, Video games, literature, animation, traveling, movies.

Dislikes: political correctness, politics,knowingly irrational behavior, drug abusers, domestic abuse cases, law enforcement and corrupt prison systems, religion, reliance on pharmaceuticals.

  • Looking to communicate with individuals of sound mind and intelligence. Should be between 22-26 and actively working in the mental health field or working towards higher education in a lucrative field with high occupational growth.
  • Looking for US and EU contacts
  • I don’t care about your sexual orientation, political views, religious views and so on. Keep it to yourself please.

Want to chat?
Send me an email at venomkur @ gmail.com

Snail mail is possible, but can be discussed through email.
I may consider Skype.

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