Name: Viktor
Age: 24 as of April
Religious Views: None
View on life: Existential Nihilism
Occupation: Service Coach
Goal: Complete Graduate School
Major: Rehab Counseling
Intended Occupation: Licensed Professional Counselor
Currently living in the state of NJ.

Interests: Counseling theories and techniques, Biology, Genetics, Eugenics, Psychology, Human Diseases, Mental Illness, Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Mythology, Harm Reduction.

Likes: Food, Live Theatre and Music, People Watching, Writing, Art Museums, Photography, Video games, literature, animation, traveling, movies.

Dislikes: political correctness, politics,knowingly irrational behavior, drug abusers, domestic abuse cases, law enforcement and corrupt prison systems, religion, reliance on pharmaceuticals.

Looking to communicate with individuals of sound mind and intelligence. Should be between 22-26 and actively working in the mental health field or working towards higher education in a lucrative field with high occupational growth.

Looking for US and EU contacts

I don’t care about your sexual orientation, political views, religious views and so on. Keep it to yourself please.

Want to chat?

Send me an email at
Snail mail is possible, but can be discussed through email.
I may consider Skype.

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