Name: Genesis Marie

Age: 17 (18 in June, aaaah)

Location: California, US

About me: I’m very plain sometimes, weird a lot. I get obsessed with things quickly and it lasts for like a month and then I find a new obsession, it just happens. I am interested in a variety of things. Some people find them out, some don’t.


  • food, omj
  • the cure, the smiths, joyce manor, seahaven
  • tokyo ghoul & httyd are probably the only obsessions that have stuck with me forever
  • bananas
  • my fav movie is httyd (don’t ask me which one, i cant choose)


  • mean people (even thoigh i probably am one sometimes oops)
  • frijoles (beans. for you English speaking only ppl)
  • the crust on the top of bread, only the top though
  • corn tortillas, ew
  • bad handwriting (sorry)
  • & other stuff but that’s for you to find out

What I’m Looking For: Mainly just someone i can get a long with, i honestly do not care as long as you’re nice to me and you tell me what you love and don’t love and what your biggest fears are and your dreams. I just want a pure friendship. I don’t have any other expectations. Just be my friend. As for age, I’m only looking for people close to my age. Thanks in advance. xo

E-mail : ggenesismarie0 @ gmail . com

Random fact: 

  • I stuck a key in a socket when I was like 5 because I wanted to learn how to drive and I ended up in the emergency room. 
  • I think that’s why I’m a little crazy sometimes haha

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