my name is Stacey,
Im from the UK,
I’m 17 years old (turning 18)

I just found out about penpals and it’s about getting to know people from around the world. I thought it be fun sending snail mails c": idm insta I’m looking for new friends in general ^-^

few things about me:

  • Music: I’m mostly into KPOP (kpop groups like BTS, Monsta x and NCT U) but of course I dont mind Alternative bands and BANDS in general. I also like listening to future beats, trap and CLASSICAL.
  • ANIME (can’t list all)
  • TV series like BBC Sherlock Holmes and Once upon a time (still in Season 3 need to catch up ffs)
  • I like cute stuff such as KAWAII plushies, stationaries (I APPRECIATE STATIONARIES IM SERIOUS)
  • I’m an art student :“3
  • I believe in astrology and all supernatural shiz
  • I like reading books that interest me.
  • Stargazer people

I don’t mind who I talk to as long you’re nice :“3 I hope I get to know some of you xx

What I’m looking for is a penpal from ages between 15-20 or anyone who has the same interest as me 🙂 as so you know If I don’t reply as fast it’s either because our timezones or I’m at college so please bear with me :‘o

Contact me through :
Or you can email me:
sayumi_love_cookies @ hotmail.co.uk

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