My name is Taylor and I just turned twenty-two (Taurus if zodiacs are your thing). I’m from Indianapolis, USA, queer, and I’m open to any location or gender but I’d really prefer someone over eighteen.

My interests and tastes are varied and I can usually find something in common with almost everyone. I really like being outside, journaling, animals, hand lettering, and tea. I work retail in a loose-leaf retailer currently, the second (and best) one I’ve worked for. I also really enjoy vintage sales, rummage sales etc. and collecting old photographs, advertisements, and I have this weird fascination with glass jars/bottles as decorations. I’m an on and off makeup junkie, but it’s definitely something I would love to talk about.

I’m looking to send letters and other odds and ends (tea!) as often as I can! I typically have at least one day off a week so I can usually respond quickly. 

My tumblr is cats-and-cosmos and my email is freshhandlettering @ gmail, although I prefer contact via tumblr. If you like this, I’ll probably check you out too!

Talk to you soon!

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