23, USA, Looking for new great friends for Snail Mail! :D



My name is Miranda.
I’m 23 years old.
I’m from Massachusetts, US.

A little about Me: I’m a Stay at Home mom of a very active, very friendly 2 year old. Because of that, I don’t have too many friends my age and would love to just communicate to people my age who share some interests. 

My interests: I love talking with people, making lists of all the awesome activities I would do if I had more friends, doing arts and crafts, crocheting, finding new shows to watch, making food especially trying out new recipes. I use to love reading before my babby and I miss it dearly. if I had more time and focus to read I would most likely be reading a Sci-Fi, a sappy Romance, or a Murder Mystery. I also really like writing and doodling and getting some crappy stuff is one of the many perks of being my penpal! I love watching TV shows and I think if someone saw my Netflix account history, they’d probably know me better than I do. If you like watching TV shows and talking about them for hours and hours and wouldn’t mind video chatting while watching TV shows, I’m also your girl. I also LOVE painting and would totally be down to send paintings to a penpal. So would my daughter, she’s very artistic.

  • TV Shows I’m currently watching on Netflix: All of Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Friends, Lost Girl, That 70’s Show, Glee and Fate Stay Night
  • TV Shows that I’ve finished but could watch over and over again: Supernatural, Bones, HIMYM, New Girl, FMA Brotherhood, OITNB, SKINS Uk, probably lots more but ain’t nobody got time for that.

I don’t really have any age or gender restrictions because having common interests and the ability to express them has more meaning to me, although I’m really hoping to find some other woman with children to talk to. 

MY EMAIL IS: mirandabrkr2 @ Yahoo . com
OR MY TUMBLRstormageddon-0u0.tumblr.com/

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