Hey there! Before I start selling my life to you in order to get a letter, I’d just like to say that I’m not very good at knowing what to write in the little ‘write something about yourself’ boxes on websites. So I’m just going to write random crap that may or may not appeal to you 🙂

So, my name is Jasmine (more commonly known as Jaz) and I am 15 years old, to be 16 in December. I am from Spain, yes before you ask I do speak fluent Spanish, but I’m more involved with English, since I am British. 

My hobbies include: ranting about almost anything, eating (vegetarian food obviously pfftt), sleeping – God if there was a competition on who could sleep the longest, I wouldn’t know, because I’d still be sleeping. I guess you could say I have a few little joys in my life, cheesy, shitty jokes consume me, jogging- nah let’s be real I don’t jog, RnB music, superhero movies (Marvel, Marvel and…Marvel), freshly made popcorn and my brother singing in the shower. 🙂

Reading and writing are a most definite passion of mine, although writing is a bit difficult considering the perfectionism trait I possess. Reading however I could go on about but I’m not going to, as I would fill the entire space I have been given on this site.

So yes, c’est moi. 

P.s, if you are one of those pedophiles that owe their lives to looking up young girls and travelling God knows how many miles to find them, I beg you, please try not to. 

my email is jazzlesmahtani@gmail.com

but I prefer snail mail 🙂


Jasmine xx

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