Nicole, 21, England


Hi! I’m Nicole, I’m 21 and live in Nottingham in (Not so) Sunny Old England 🙂

I write for a magazine, not as glamorous as one might think but I’m very lucky! It’s mostly general editorial, Fashion features etc though I write horror fiction in my spare time.
I’m a HUGE film freak, anyone who’s into films, books and music is sure to get along with me; I also watch…pretty much every TV Show under the sun, so I hope you don’t mind some nonsensical rambling on the subject 😉

Likes: Stephen King, Parks & Rec, Mexican Food, Star Wars, Spiced Rum, Harry Potter, Prince, X Files, Foo Fighters, American Beauty, Disney, Queens of the Stoneage, The Beatles…I could go on but I won’t.

Dislikes: Sports, majority of modern pop music and Intolerance (Seriously, I will not put up with any racist comments, homophobia or intolerance of any kind). 

I guess all I’m looking for is like minded people to talk to, gotta say up front, I am NOT looking for a hookup; I have no interest in flirting or the oh so horrifying D*ck Pic. That being said, I have no problem with guys contacting me, so long as you know it won’t be anything but friendly. Fine with just emailing, though would like to work up to sending letters, trading trinkets/treats; I would love to get to know you and your culture, no matter where you’re from! I’d rather not speak to anyone under 18, I’m sure you’re all lovely but I’d feel more comfortable with those 18+!

Anyway, you can contact me through my Tumblr , or email me at 🙂

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