Hello everybody!

My name is Lucía and I’m just and average 19-year-old girl from Perú. I can speak English and Spanish. My parents split-up when I was 11 and it led to three years of me fighting with depression. I’m 100% recovered, but I sort of have an idea of what some of you might be going through… If you need kind words, someone to cheer you up or just to be listened, here I am, I promise. 

I really like hanging out with friends, long talks about anything, reading and listening to music. I love Pokemon, proud DS owner and Showdown player every once in a while. My favorite band is The Beatles but I surprise myself with my musical taste because it can go from Taylor Swift to The Strokes, Babasónicos, Spinetta and so on… If you can think about a band or singer I should check, PLEASE tell me. There’s nothing I enjoy more than discovering new music. I don’t watch much TV but I do enjoy American Horror Story, Gossip Girl, Bones, Cold Case and pretty much anything involving mysterys <3 

My perfect pen pal can be literally anyone as long as they want to talk about literally anything and support each other in though times.

If you want to become my friend just contact me on my email or my Tumblr:

Tumblr: luciafujita

Talk to you soon ^^

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