Name: Dakota
Age: 21
Gender: Bigender 
Location: Texas, USA
Diagnosis: Official= Major depression and general Anxiety. Not officially diagnosed YET= bipolar II, Dependent personality disorder, and social anxiety disorder. In the past I have struggled with self harm, bulimia, and suicidalness . 

Interests/Hobbies: Art (painting, pottery, crocheting, drawing, photography), Helping people (I’m becoming a social worker), Watching movies
Music: Folk, Ska, Bluegrass, Avant-pop
TV Shows/Movies:Gravity Falls (Mable is my spirit animal), Rick and Morty, Haven, American Horror Story, Big Hero 6, Tangled, Once upon a Time. There are more but I can’t think right now. 

What you are looking for in a penpal?  
Age: 18-29
location: preferably in USA, just cuz I’m poor and shipping costs a lot
Gender: Any
Language: English (but must be okay with spelling mistakes, cuz I’m dyslexic)
Must be accepting and just willing to be a friend


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