Snail mail penpals wanted!


Hello there! My name is Frida. I’m 22 years old (but very soon to be 23) and I’m from Sweden but currently living in Spain. 

I’m looking for a female snail mail penpal between 20-25 years old. If you’re a bit older than that, that’s fine. 🙂  Also, it would be really cool if you’re from Europe, South America, Asia, or Africa.

“Hobbies”: reading books, travelling, animals (I’m a vegetarian), photography (mainly analogue), feminism, Netflixetc.

  • My favourite music is 60’s rock, The Beatles is the best band in the history on man-kind! <3

I speak English fluently and I’m a Swedish native speaker. Would also like to learn Spanish!

Contact me via e-mail: heylluvy @ gmail . com

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