Laura | 19 | England, UK

email: lauraclarkehill23 @ gmail . com

Some likes loves:

  • watching and getting overly invested in tv shows and films and their characters
  • reading and getting overly invested in books and their characters 
  • exploring and taking pictures (especially of nature and long abandoned buildings/broken things)
  • painting
  • collecting quotes in pretty notebooks
  • people watching
  • libraries
  • books
  • dogs
  • nice people
  • people in general, I really love humans
  • learning things
  • nature

Some things I don’t like to do:

  • share my bed
  • take naps
  • go bowling
  • make decisions

I’m looking for some beautiful people to get to know, I don’t mind what age/gender/location you are – or any other way you do or don’t identify yourself – I’d just like to form some real friendships with people who are kind and unjudgemental and just generally have good hearts 🙂 Ideally I’d love to do this through snail mail, and/or little art swaps! 

*I do, however, only speak English so you may want to bear that in mind

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