Hey! I’m Kate.
I’m 20, from not so sunny, mainly cloudy, England.
Currently a Alternative Print/Film Photography student at University and living in the North East of England.
I only speak English. Altho one day I would like to change that.
I’ve a bad addiction to sour gummy worms and spending to much time in bookstores or on the couch watching way too many tv shows. I’ve a large love for music and playing my guitar. I also love ducks, traveling, writing, drawing and sunflowers.
I don’t really hate much apart from spiders and standing on plugs/lego bricks. Ohhh and stepping acciedently in puddles with socks on!
I’m not really looking for a “type of person” just a ideally someone who doesn’t mind sharing in my weirdness and shares my love for snail mail.
I would only say thou someone aged over 18 would be lovely.
Anyhow… If you’d love to share the joys of snail mail with me and fancy someone to talk to,a supporter and or a friend let me know and send me a message! I can be found at:
Tumblr: @sixxreasonswhy
Email: k4t3w @

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