Hello! My name is Raven, I live in California, USA. I’m a 17 year old female 

Some of my favorite things include….

  • Harry Potter, Sherlock, Hunger Games, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, etc.
  • Writing (poetry, songs, short stories, long stories, fan fiction, etc.)
  • Reading, watching good movies, trying (and usually failing) to draw/paint/sculpt.
  • Really foamy shampoos.
  • Pretty things, interesting things, funny things, cute things, unique things, etc.
  • I’m Buddhist, but I have no problem with anybody’s religion, spirituality, or lack thereof. I love animals as well!

My perfect pen pal, package pal, or art pal would be…

  • 15-23
  • Female (I do this out of respect for my boyfriend.)
  • Open-minded, not homophobic, transphobic, racists, hypocritical, etc.
  • English-speaking. (But if you speak more than one language I’d be fine with learning about those, too!)
  • And finally, that they would live in the USA.

Other than this (I know it’s kinda picky, sorry!) I am good with everything!

So yeah- you can contact me at
Raven. Lynn. Evans. @ Gmail .com
Or you can hit me up on my IG 😉
@ CoryTakesPictures

See ya soon! (Hopefully!)

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