Hello! My name is Mari, I’m 19, female, and live in Houston, US. I speak English and a little Spanish but I would be very interested in picking up phrases from really any language!

I am not currently in school but plan to start in the fall. Until recently I was working at a used book store nearby, now I volunteer at an animal shelter a few days a week.

I am rather introverted but love writing, reading, and spending time outdoors. I’m a deep thinker and am always trying to figure out the ~deeper meaning~ of everyday life haha but not in a stuffy way. I just believe life is strange and beautiful. Also, I like photography!

The only thing I would say I dislike in other people is when they are intolerant of others. Living in Texas, I know my fair share of people who are racist or bigoted, but I try to see everyone for the good that they bring to the world! I love other cultures but am also willing to write someone from the US if we are a good match.

If you’re looking for a long- term snail- mail penpal, you can email me at

and just send me a short little message with your name, age, etc. etc.

Hear from you soon (:


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