Name: Nancy
Age: 26
Location: Korea

‘Lo all! I’m an English teacher with an avid love of snail mail. Originally from the old UK, but I’ve been out in Asia for four years now.

I’m learning Korean and have a smattering of European languages!

A few things:
– BOOKS! Kindles are the greatest invention for travelers.
– Music, of all kinds. Yes, there’s a lot of Kpop in there, but I’ll listen from classical to slipknot and everything in between.
– TV shows of all kinds, movies the same!
– TEA!!
– Cooking. Winning people over with my baking, one recipe at a time!
– Writing. All the ideas.
– Learning. Not just literally studying, but learning about people, places and cultures. Being open to adding to my knowledge base. There’s no end to what you can know about something as there’ll always be someone, somewhere, asking questions.

I’m open to hearing from anyone, anywhere! My tumblr is If you fancy, get in touch there 🙂

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