Hey. I’m Phoebe,19 years old from England.

I used to have lots of penpals but I lost contact with them when I started university; I really love writing letters and meeting new people via penpalling so I’d love to find new penpals! 


  • Reading, Writing, Drawing
  • Vidya Games
  • Running, Pilates
  • Finding new things to like haha
  • TV Shows: Scandal, HTGAWM, GOT, New Girl, Sherlock, Breaking Bad, 
  • Movies: So many

If you’re arty too it would be cool if we could do a bit of an art swap 🙂 It’s not neccessary though. I love long letters too especially because sometimes I go on and on (when writing letters). 

My only requirement is that you’re 16+. I don’t mind gender, location or anything else. We can start with emailing if you’re uncomfortable giving your address out straight way, but I’d prefer snail mail.

Email: duckoverworld

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