Greetings, penpallers! This is Claudia writing, thank you for reading my submission! I’m a 23 year-old graduate student from beautiful Barcelona, the second capital of Spain. I’m a full-time foodie, a music lover and a dedicated snail mailer. I’m your average city girl, and traveling is my whole life! Also, I’ve lived in South Korea for a year. I enjoy binge-watching TV series, photography, fashion, History and Art History, Gender Studies&LGBTQIA+, arts & crafts, illustration, vintage…

I’m looking for ONE OR TWO pen pals around my age (18-28), LGBTQIA+ friendly (I have a girlfriend who I love more than anything else!), but most importantly who I have common interests with AND who don’t fade away after a while. I’ve been pen palling for 6 years now and I haven’t reached my goal of having a “closed” list of long-lasting pen pals yet! Also I’d prefer crafty pen pals, who enjoy decorating and working on their letters as much as I do! That is a must I have to say, I apologize if I sound too picky, but I do take my time to make my envelopes look beautiful and good looking … And I do expect the same from my pen pals! 

You can contact me via email (abarea12@gmail.com), Tumblr (http://theminimalistlipstick.tumblr.com/) or Instagram (https://instagram.com/cloudydaysandletters/). Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon! 🙂



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