Hello! My name is Barbara, I’m 23 years old and I live in Portugal. 

I’m looking for some pen pals/art pals/package pals to trade snail mail and other cute stuff with. I already submitted an ad which was great and I got some lovely pen pals because of it. Unfortunately most of them stopped writing back and I now trade letters with a lot less people. Although I do think the ones I (still) have are awesome, which is why I’m trying again, to (hopefully) get to know some more lovely people.

I’m also ok with e-mail buddies, tumblr messaging buddies and so on… I guess I would just like to get to know different people from all over the world.

  • I adore animals (especially dogs: especially my dog)
  • I love movies and books and tv shows (amongst the favorites are harry potter, lotr, thg – both the books and the movies – shadowhunters, the 100, one tree hill, tvd, teen wolf, etc… also pretty much all the marvel and dc movies)
  • concerts
  • photography
  • food and cooking
  • travelling
  • clothes and shoes and bags and make up and all those so called “girly” things…
  • I do not like Misogyny (I’m a feminist so if you aren’t we probably won’t get along), racism, homophobia, dishonest, negative and hurtful people in general.

I’m looking for someone from anywhere in the world. Someone who is 19 years old or older and that speaks/writes in English or Portuguese (since those are the only languages I speak). Someone who is looking for a friend 🙂

If you’d like you can contact me at
or at barbaraa_  @

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