Snail Mail!!


Yessenia – 19 years old – Kansas, USA

Likes: Writing! I have recently rediscovered writing letters to others. I love foreign languages. I like movies, reading, and writing snippets of stories. Really, anything that has to do with a story: listening to someone else, reading history, hearing something whimsical and adventurous. The arts: music, dance, photography, etc.

Dislikes: Bugs with wings. Nails on a chalkboard. Uncomfortable shoes. Sitting still. Black & white. Relying on subtitles. Not having a goal. Carrying a camera. Regretting leaving the camera behind. Unsolved puzzles. Cardio. 

Looking for: Someone around my age, female, someone who writes in Spanish. I speak Spanish fluently, but my writing is terrible (I was hoping to get some practice while getting to know someone!) I am open to writing to English writers as well. It doesn’t matter where someone is from. I might not get creative as to the presentation of the letter, but I promise to put in time and thought into the contents and clear handwriting (I would ask the same of my pen pal)

Contact: yayalaangel @ gmail . com

Fact: Small town girl who traveled to World Youth Day in Brazil (so I guess I was pretty close in distance to the pope?) I don’t know, does that make me stand out? 

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