Pen Pal!! :D


Hello, my name is Torunn-Jesse (tor-un Jess-ie) or T-J for short. I am 17 (turning 18 in July) I live in the United States in California. I am a pansexual female looking for someone to talk to randomly (about anything. Eating, sleeping, watching tv, whatever just anything.). I have had a pen pal before, however they did not last long. So I am hoping to find someone who will stick around.

My interests are video games: Call Of Duty, Mine craft, Halo and so on.
Music: Ed Sheeran, Micheal Bublé, yiruma, Eminem, Adele and more.
Shows: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Impractical Jokers, Gravity Falls ect.
Movies: Disney anything is my thing (I am a Disney fanatic, anything Disney I love), some action movies like John Wick. Or even Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, some fantasy stuff.
Hobbies: I enjoy drawing/painting, being a couch potato, going to the beach, surfing, fishing, having random adventures, being random/weird/crazy.

I would prefer anyone around 16-18, someone who speaks English please, male or female or human being. I don’t judge, any sexuality, race, ect is welcome. However, I will not tolerate any sorts of rudeness.

So please contact me if you’re interested being my Pen Pal. My Tumblr: Hawaiiangirl

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